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Welcome to Faerûn!

*By using this website, we will be able to keep track of our D&D adventure! I am really excited to start using this site to enhance our gameplay. But first I need a game to be playing to start writing all the really cool stuff down! I need your help too! You the players will be able to edit this wiki to ensure it’s accuracy to the events. I am just one man! I am not some all powerful necromancer like This guy!

*At the start of this campaign you will find yourselves in the town of Loudwater, a town that only a few hardy souls still call home. After the Spellplague many towns fell prey to the wandering bands of monsters. Loudwater is a refuge for those who were less fortunate.

The World

So get your Adventuring Kit ready! The first game session starts this Saturday at 4pm!

Main Page

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