House Rules

Sorry, this must be done.

House rules are rules that are not enforced by Wizards but are by the game table. House rules so far that we have are:

Keep all clothing on: no way.

Experience rule: To encourage attendance of players, all players who leave a session early, fail to attend or refuse to play for an amount of time will NOT level with their respective party members. However they will not go lower then 4 levels below the party average level. Besides its just fair that the people who earned their exp get to keep it.
New players start at party average level Example, 4 players are level 5 and one is level 3, the new player will start at level 5, (or 4 if they wish).

“Call it”: If a player says jokingly something that their character ‘supposedly’ does, another player can “Call it” and that joke becomes a reality, each player has 1 “Call it” per session.

Multiclassing: Since Multiclassing is encouraged, the rules for taking on another class for this campaign have been altered (because the Wizards way sucks and makes no sense)
You must spend a feat to gain another class, once you have spent that feat for each level you may take powers in EITHER your main class, or your secondary class. Example at lvl 2 Theren Varis may take a utility power, he is a spellscarred paladin, so he can take a utility in paladin OR spellscarred.

House Rules

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