Tales of the Spellscarred

New Beginnings

Nearly a century ago, Faerûn was ripped apart by an unfettering of wild magic now known as the Spellplague. Although sages and clerics might argue about the origin of the Spellplague, the effect was apparent to all. Huge swaths of the landscape were rent asunder. Entire nations were drowned, and large regions collapsed into the Underdark or were thrust up as spires of stone. The land became far more magical and fantastic in appearance, with islands of rock called earthmotes floating in the sky. The Spellplague infected everything: flesh, stone, magic, space and dimensional walls, and even the cosmology.
Another effect of the Spellplague was to breach the barrier between the twin worlds of Abeir and Toril. Portions of Abeir and Toril were swapped, leaving pockets of Abeir scattered across Faerûn. To the west, the entire continent of Maztica van- ished, replaced by a new continent that many call Returned Abeir.
Although the Spellplague has largely run its course, its legacy lingers. Most creatures warped by the Spellplague have since died (of old age, sick- ness, or violent death), but a few, known as the plaguechanged, survive. Enduring pockets of unre- strained wild magic, known as plaguelands, lie scattered across Faerûn. Those who visit such areas and survive exhibit physical marks known as spells- cars and often manifest bizarre abilities.
But that is the past, this is the present. our story begins in the town of Loudwater.

We find our heroes each living separate lives, most passing through this frontier town, but this will all change when one event brings our heroes together.
Kythorn 3rd : 1479 DR

While in the south square minding their own business and shopping for goods suddenly the city wall is breached with a deafening explosion. Goblins pour out of the gaping wound in the town’s defenses and start attacking hapless civilians, this is when our heroes jump into the action!
Erpimav’s blades were bary visable as he sliced though the goblin minions in an instant, drastically decreasing their numbers, and while Rachalius and the Goblin Hexer were having a battle of Arcan preportions. Theren Varis and a very charismatic giant held off the goblin muscle, all the goblins seemed to be focused on reaching the shop Garwan’s curiosities. And the Goblins found their cause just for they beleived that the shop had something that was rightfully theirs. After the battle the villagers praised them and one even suggested that they form an adventuring unit.

The heroes then helped with cleaning up the mess and a guard unit had been posted at the hole in the wall as it was being reconstructed but while this was happening Theren Varis noticed a man in a dark cloak in a nearby ally, the cloaked figure saw that he noticed him as well and beckoned him over. The man asked that he gather his allies and then talk to him, Therin was at first confused but found his allies from the previous battle
“I have been watching you since you have come to this town, you look like the sort who can hold your own when tested in combat. You may call be Shadow as I am known in these parts. Perhaps you have heard of me?” Theren had never heard of this man but Eripmav was indeed with this man and his rebel nature. Sure enough he had a job to take down the mayor of Loudwater the heroes then decided not to take the offer, Shadow then responed “Pity, I’m not even getting paid to kill you.” During the fight, Theren Varis’s arms seemed to be covered in blue flames, revealing him as spellscarred. But even more shocking, towards the end of the thrilling fight with Shadow Eripmav then grabbed him, his eyes turned red and his fangs appeared, and to the horror of his comrades he proceeded to syphon the remaining life out of him. Rachalius Who wanted to keep him alive, was peeved to say the least.
After the fight with the mysterious Shadow our heros called it a night and went to their own places of lodging.
-——————————————————————————————————————————————— Kythorn 4th : 1479 DR

The next day our heroes visited the south square and paid a visit to Garwan the Dwarf. When the entered the shop they had to adjust their eyes to the dimly lit cluttered shop of curiosities and found a dwarf sitting in the far corner puffing smoke rings. He greets them and shows them and reconizes them as the Heros of Loudwater. “Thank’ee fer savin me shop! But those blokes were after me window item!” He then retrived the Horn totem that was on display and hands it to Eripmav. “Here I dinnae want it n’more! Bring me nothin’ but foul luck anyway. I’m sure it’s in better hands anyway, if ye want te know more aboot it go an’ ask ol Curavar! He’s that odd fellow in The Green Tankard with the raven. Bought me last magic staff too, the raven one…bloke really has a thing for ravens…” The heroes then thanked him for his time and as they were leaving “Oh! I almost forgot to tell ye, about me new service here, I got a wall for posing jobs for folks like you to take!” Theren Varis reconized one of them posted by his old friend Doria Valedaar. The quest was to go to the village of Blackroot and investigae what is going on there due to the fact that Doria says in her request that she has come to visit her family and there is something very strange happening but she cannot place her finger on it.


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